Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Winter Cabin Bauble Stencil Kit

Apologies to all who have been waiting for this ....
A quick walk through on creating the parchment effect.

Whether you have purchased one of our 'Winter Bauble Kits' or the goodies separately here's how to create them.

What I've used:
Inkylicious Winter Cabin or Winter Lodge stamp
Bauble Stencil (or shaped stencil that can fit your stamp inside)
Colorbox White Ink Pad (the truest whitest ink pad)
Ink Duster
Sakura White Pen (this is water based so we can blend the colour out)
Memento Rich Cocoa (for stamping the image)
Low Tack Stencil Tape (to hold the stencil down)
Quickie Glue Pen (great for detailed glittering)
Inkylicious Iridescent Glitterz (for added sparkle) 
Zig Detail Waterbrush 

In the 'Winter Cabin Bauble Kit' :
A6 Bauble Stencil
Winter Cabin Stamp
Cats Eye Frost White Ink Pad
Sakura White Pen
Fluffy Puffy Stuff
5 Sheets A5 Stamping Kraft Card

In the 'Winter Lodge Bauble Kit' :
6" Bauble Stencil
Winter Lodge Stamp
Colorbox full size Frost White Ink Pad
Sakura White Pen
Sakura Stardust Clear Pen 
Quickie Glue Pen
Inkylicious Iridescent Glitterz
5 Sheets A4 Stamping Kraft Card

So here's the products I'm using

Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment

Step 1:
Using Low Tack Tape, tape the stencil on to the Stamping Kraft Card, Hint: I wrap the tape under one side as a hinge so I can lift the other side and check the depth of colour.
Apply the ink around the edges of the stencil on to the Kraft Card - remember the Colorbox white ink is very thick and opaque so you only need a little ! Lift the stencil on the unhinged side if you wish to check the depth.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment - Step 1

Step 2:
With the stencil still in place use the Sakura White Pen to draw an outline around the inner of the stencil. Hint: To quickly get the ink flowing to the nib - hold the pen with the nib at the bottom and flick the pen like a thermometer.
You can lift the stencil on the unhinged side if you need to check the line to see if you have missed any.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment - Step 2

Step 3:
Line completed - ready for stamping.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment - Step 3

Step 4:
Now you can if you wish stamp the image with the Colorbox White Ink Pad (I'll show you that in the gallery this weekend) but I like to use the Memento Rich Cocoa so I can then add white highlights with the Sakura Pen.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment - Step 4
Step 5:
Using the Sakura white pen, colour the parts of the image where snow may naturally lay such as the fence, branches and yes the roof! Use the white pen to scribble a heavy line of white around the lower edge of the roof, then using a waterbrush (paint brush and water if not) blend the white line out to the top of the roof, blast with a heat gun to quickly dry. Add more white around the edge of the roof for more definition.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment - Step 5

Almost Finished .... So here's mine coloured in with the Sakura White Pen. Did you remember to  colour the chimney pot and add some white smoke? I've also added snowfall dots.
Inkylicious Winter Bauble - Faux Parchment

Time for some Sparkle !
Use a quickie glue pen and glitter to add some sparkle.

So this is just a very quickie walk through for you. I'll get a video done this weekend and also a gallery of lots of different ones using same baubles but different stamps, same stamps but other stencil shapes and I'll also show you how to tint the white to give even more effects.


  1. That's great, Deby, thanks for posting it. I was never really a fan of kraft card - until I saw your fabulous cards at Stamp Magic. I really like the effect. Will look forward to seeing more photos. Hope Emma is feeling better soon.

  2. What a fab card! I brought that stamp at Portsmouth Sincerely Yours and I love it so thank you so much for showing this. I too look forward to seeing more, I LOVE Inkyicious! Get well soon Emma

  3. An excellent design and thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  4. So glad to see the blog spot up and running. Have bought several of your stamps etc and look forward to seeing more ways to use them on here.
    This 'bauble stencil' tutorial is brilliant, thanks for sharing it, can't wait to see the video.

  5. Wow this is fabulous,great

  6. You've just made my day Deby! I love your stamps and I have so many of them so it will be great to come and visit your blog for inspiration. I bought the Winter Cabin Stamp a while ago and I've loved using it. Fabulous tutorial x

  7. Hi
    Love this tutorial,watched the tutorial at the NEC and thought it was great then.
    I'm loving the Blog. I have been checking your web page to check if you started a Blog so now I'm so pleased and looking forward to your demos and banter.

  8. I'm delighted to see that you have started a blog. I recently bought some of your lovely stamps and it will be great to get some inspiration here. Your card is gorgeous, thanks for the tut x

  9. Great to see the blog up and running Deby. Hope Emma is on the mend soon x

  10. Wonderful card just popped over from Sal's blog, love this technique going to pin it... And also going to join your blog... Hope you might pop over to mine too!! :)
    Shaz in Oz.x

  11. Great card Deby, very excited about your Blog, love your stamps.

  12. A great technique and tutorial, thanks for posting it on here. I bought the stamps at the NEC but could not get near enough to the table to see you demo this.

    Sue xx

  13. Hi Deby, nice to see you back in Blogland! These cards are stunning and the tutorial is great. I'm sorry I missed you demoing the technique at were taking a well earned rest from the demo table when I dropped by. I hope Emma is on the mend!

    Lesley XX

  14. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing how it is done. Kate x

  15. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing how it is done. Kate x

  16. Just followed a link from Crafty Salutations over to this tutorial, after I saw Sally's beautiful cards using this technique..(which I thought was a delicate vellum). My goodness, this is just gorgeous, and although I don't have exactly the same stamps, I do have the inks & crafts and some images that might work to recreate this wonderful look. Just became your newest follower...Love Inkylicious there a USA source? TFS

  17. Great tutorial - Thank you :) x

  18. Will definitely be buying the goodies to make this card, so beautiful. Hope you are at Thetford in Jan.2016

  19. I'm a bit late but thanks so much for this, it's so interesting to see how you did it. The card and the effects are lovely.

  20. beautiful, thank you for showing to us how this effect works
    hugs maria xxx

  21. Beautiful is there a video yet?

    1. On Hochanda Catch Up ....

  22. wow - absolutely stunning - just bought a load of stamps will now have t buy more stuff :)

  23. Great shows Debbie and this card is stunning :)

  24. Very beautiful and will be trying it. Thank you. Edna Burgess

  25. This is a beautiful technique. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  26. Gorjuss. Love it. It's really beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Keti